Whisky stones, once an obscure chilling method known only to whisky connoisseurs and aficionados has definitely gained in popularity in the last two decades.

Whisky stones, which are also known as sipping stones, or chilling stones have been around in one form or another for a very long time. Whisky stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are meant to be stored in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours and then gently placed into a glass of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or other favorite drink. It chills your favourite drink without diluting the flavour.

Whisky stones are typically made of non-porous natural stones with good thermal properties such as granite and soapstone. Developments in recent years have made other materials such as quartz and certain gemstones gain in popularity as cooling stones. Stainless steel ice cubes are also very popular today. Steel ice is by far the most effective at keeping drinks cool when compared to any natural stone. 

Stones are typically made from pure, natural material, such as soapstone, granite, or quartz. They are meant to keep your tasting experience authentic. Put two or three stones into a glass with some of your favorite beverage and slowly savour each sip without worrying about watering down your favorite drink. Solid ice is nice.

The greatest benefit from cooling stones is that they can be frozen and used to keep your drink cold without changing the flavour profile of your favorite drink and diluting it by the minute. They can be reused time and time again and can be cleaned in your dishwasher or with warm soapy water.

Whiskey stones make enjoying a chilled beverage in its unaltered natural form easier than before. Quality whisky stones are flavourless and stone cold. Looking for a chilled unaltered whiskey? Simply drop a few of the whisky stones into your glass to enjoy a pure chilled drink without adding ice and water.

They can be used to chill a cold beverage or a hot one simply and naturally and with a certain touch of elegance.

Some of the purists may be concerned about altering or even potentially fouling the flavor of their favorite drink. That would definitely be a concern with stones taken from your back yard. The commercial products offered by reputable sales outlets are produced with quality control guidelines and measures to ensure the stones are of a proper material that is non-porous, offers a good heat conduction coefficient, and most importantly, is non-toxic in water and alcohol to ensure the product is safe for use.

This simple kitchen & bar accessory is a perfect tool for cooling your drink without altering its taste or flavour characteristics. Great for use with fine whiskies, wines and any other drink you like to have chilled without being watered down. Heck, don’t say you heard it here, but you can even use a cube or three in your soup if its too hot. Makes it a great gift for Grandma. She can use them in her whisky and her soup.

Can’t I just use stones from my back yard?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, unless you like playing Russian roulette with your Russian Gimlet. It is important that the cooling stones have certain properties like being non-porous which is extremely important for sanitary and health reasons.

It is important to get natural non-porous stones from a reputable vendor. Stones from a backyard can be porous magnets for bacteria and others could even possibly leach toxic chemicals in alcohol or other types of drinks. It is very important to have pure natural stone from a reputable source. Gems are becoming popular as whisky stones since they display similar properties to granite and soapstones but not all gems are created equal. Some can be downright poisonous in water or alcohol. Please only purchase from reputable vendors.