Where Did Whiskey Stones Really Come From?

The origins of whisky stones could be debated for a long time.

Stones have been used to keep liquids and spaces cool or warm for many centuries. This is because of their ability to get extrelmely hot or cold and then release their thermic energy slowly onto its environment (ambient air or liquid) over a long period of time. While internet hype and savy marketing strategies may suggest that whiskey stones are a modern invention, their true origins date back much longer than the last couple of decades. Although the term “Whisky Stones” has certainly been popularized over the last 10 to 15 years, these types of stones are not a new invention, but more of a re-discovery of long known traditions.

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Where Did Whiskey Stones Really Come From?

Scandinavians used granite and soapstone cubes and other shapes to cool hot soups coming off the hot stove. Leave them outside on a cold winter night and they are ready to cool your hot soup or get creative and cool your tepid Aquavit!

Native americans used soapstone to make bowls and cookware because of its thermal properties. The Scotish will argue that Whisky Stones actually originated from Scotland. Don’t dilute your expensive whisky. Use Whisky Stones to chill your drinks.

Those that enjoy their whisky chilled will tell you they like them on the rocks since rocks will chill the drink without altering the intricate flavours and scents of their favourite drink. Whisky has been a timeless consumer favorite, and thanks to an emerging global middle class, a rise in consumer purchasing power, increased production rates, and a relaxation in import policies, whisky consumption in only becoming a larger trend.

Whisky connoisseurs have long known that whiskey stones are a fantastic way to enjoy their favorite beverage chilled without being watered down over time. A smooth chilled drink that is full flavoured and remains that way without dilution is what you will get with whiskey stones. Undiluted, unaltered flavour! Whisky on the rocks!