steel whisky stones

304 Stainless Steel Whisky Stones

Stainless steel whisky stones are also sometime called steel ice or whisky steel. They are generally more effective than any of their natural stone counterparts. The thermal difference in each material within the natural stone family is subtle but the difference between stone and stainless steel whisky stones is very noticeable. The stainless steel cubes stay cold longer through the use of technology like a core filled with a solution of food grade cooling gel that helps water both freeze at a lower temperature, and remain cool for longer periods of time.

Your personal style and sipping time may influence whether you choose steel or natural stone. Natural stones are great for keeping your drink a few degrees cooler than room temperature for 20-to 30 minutes and as such are great for wine and other breverages where this is the drinkers purpose. If you want the drink to be chilled as fast as possible, to a cooler temperature, and last longer, then the stainless steel whisky stones work best as these can remain quite cool for up to an hour in your glass.

Although stones where the original whisky stones, science has bought us the stainless steel whisky stones which are the best at keeping drinks colder for longer. They offer the best option if you are intent on having an undilluted drink for the longest possible time. The stainless steel chilling stones are made of food grade 304 stainless steel but are filled with a non-toxic gel mixture inside similar to cooling packs allowing the cubes to remain cooler for longer periods of time.

Steel ice cubes are by far the most efficient but there are still many reasons why one might choose stones over stainless steel cubes or ice. Personal preference, a certain sense of style and elegance, as well as the look and feel of the stones can all play a role in the selection of what type of whisky stone would work best in your bar.