Stainless Steel Whisky Stones With Ice Tongs & Freezing Tray


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These 2.6cm cubes of steely ice will not change the taste of your drink or melt and dilute it. They are filled with a 70% water & 30% glycerol solution for a lower temperature cube and longer lasting coolness. Stainless whisky stones are by far the most effective cooling stones through technology allowing for faster cooldown and last up to about 1 hour. Use these practical cubes to cool your whisky, cool your wine or even cool your soup if its boiling hot and you are hungry.

They come in with a freezing tray and ice cube tongs. There are three different options: 4 cubes, 6 cubes, or 8 cubes.


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4 Cubes, 6 Cubes, 8 Cubes